How long will the service take? The time required to complete your repair depends entirely on the size and difficulty of the project, and will be discussed with you during the estimate process. Some simple repairs can be done immediately after the estimate is complete and approved, depending on the availability of parts and our technician’s schedule. Other repairs will be scheduled by our staff for a mutually convenient date.

How soon can you come to my home? Our estimating and installation backlogs are separate to ensure that we can see your unit as soon as possible and quote our services. The scheduling of your installation/repair depends on the time required at your home and whether any parts or permits are required for the work.


Why can’t you quote my repairs over the phone? Every repair, installation or other service we offer is as unique as your home. There are many reasons why your door or window may “not be working,” and each requires a different approach, including the replacement of malfunctioning parts and the amount of labor required.

Isn’t paying a flat fee better? Don’t be fooled by the false sense of security of a flat charge. We offer free estimates on all of our services, meaning you never overpay for the sake of corporate efficiency.


Can you repair my ….. ? Our list of services is constantly growing. Give us a call today and we’ll let you know if your repair is something we can handle. We can also arrange to have a technician visit you for a free evaluation as soon as possible.

Is it better just to replace it? Many companies will steer you into replacement of your doors and windows because it is more profitable and often easier to do than repairs. Our company was founded on the belief that most door and window issues can be handled with quality repair and ongoing maintenance. This is often done at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Do I need a permit for my work? Many repair and maintenance tasks can be done without a permit. Similarly, many replacement tasks will require a permit. If our scope includes work that requires a permit in your jurisdiction, we will include permitting service in our quote and schedule your work accordingly.

How long will it take to get my permit approved? Review times vary based on the type of work, type of permit, and the backlog of your jurisdiction. We can make educated guesses during our estimate process, but the final review time is out of our control.



Do you sell parts and hardware? We offer our parts as part of our installation package, although some parts are offered on a retail basis by request—please contact us for a quote. We will also make many parts available on this website in the near future.

Do you have a list of references? We would be happy to put you in touch with a past client that matches the type of work you are looking to do. You can always visit our testimonials page to read about what others are saying.

Are you hiring? We are always looking for motivated and talented technicians, estimators, supervisors and office staff. Please check our employment page for the latest postings and the application page.

Can I stop by your office? Our Naples headquarters location is the only one open to the public. We recommend you contact us first to set up an appointment.