Sliding Glass Door Repair & Replacement

Repairing sliding glass doors has been Daydid’s core service since we launched our business. Through our experience, we became adept at being able to restore almost all sliding glass doors to a like-new condition, regardless of the problem.

Home owners, property managers, and Realtors often face the expensive proposition of having to replace an entire sliding glass door system because of years of wear and tear or damage. This can not only be very expensive, but time-consuming, as it often involves the need for hurricane-impact engineering and permitting services.

Through our repair services, we offer a simpler, less expensive alternative to complete replacement. During our first visit to your home, we will prepare a free estimate with the expected costs and time required to restore the door.

Most of our clients remark that once a door is completely restored, it functions and slides with less effort than at any time they can remember. The cost for this service varies greatly based on the extent of the problem, but is typically much less than the cost of complete replacement.

Where the repairs are extensive or the homeowner prefers the look or feel of a brand new door, we also offer complete replacement services including the necessary engineering and permitting assistance.